Saturday, August 18, 2007

A Vest, in progress

My mother requested a vest. She is 80 so I said sure even though I have never seen her wear anything I have made her except scarves and mittens. She tells me she wears them but I don't know. When my niece was in high school or middle school she gave me one of her school pictures. What was she wearing but a vest I had made for my mother that she gave to my niece without telling me . I am glad someone liked it.

Anyway, I showed my mother a few vest options and with her approval, went to MA Sheep & Wool and on to Webs on my way home. I picked up some yarn and last week started swatching and starting. The pattern and yarn just didn't mesh so I decided to dig out one of the Just One More Row vest patterns that I know I have. Couldn't find them, searched high and low. So, I went online and re-ordered the missing patterns plus a few more. Yarn and pattern are now happy but I thought I might run out of yarn. So, another hour last night online trying to find more yarn, ended up with 4 more of the same color (who knows what dyelot) and then 4 more of another color. Since it is made up of squares I can play around with it and it should work out. Told my mother on the phone and she then said I shouldn't have bothered, she would be fine without it. I told her it is started and that is it.

It is above in Laines Du Nord Giunco and it is fun so far.

I also started a scarf for the Red Scarf Project which shouldn't take too long to knit. I ended up ripping out my Chevron Scarf as I changed needles (needed them for some shawl knitting) and I liked the fabric on the wooden needles I switched to better. I love Koigu so it wasn't a hard decision to rip and knit over.


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