Monday, February 05, 2007


These were a fun knit. I made the orangey one first out of Cascade Di Ve Teseo that I had left in the stash. The purple one I bought the yarn for. The Teseo was a thicker yarn but it came out a little smaller than the yarn the pattern calls for. Both are for me but I have one planned for my hairdressor for next year to match her scarf.

I have done a bit of shopping, mostly within my Knit From Your Stash guidelines. I went to the store I had the gift certificate for and bought the yarn that I plan to make a Knitty Sweater out of. I brought along the fiber I plan to spin to go along with it and found a burgandy color I really like. I also bought the above purple Filatura Di Crosa 127 Print to make the Calorimetry (I really was curious if it would come out smaller). I also bought one skein of Koigu to make a pair of mitts. I didn't want to break up one of my sets in my stash. I didn't use my gift certificate so I still have that waiting.

I also went to a Super Bowl sale (41% off, I couldn't not go). I would have put that in my Knit From Your Stash list but the store that usually has one closed and I had no idea this store was going to do it. I am knitting Argosy from Knitty out of some stash yarn but I did buy 2 Noro Silk Garden Lite to make another. I also bought some yarn for my mother from the clearance rack. Plus, some yarn to make another Pirates hat. I plan to follow the pattern exactly with one and then in case it comes out too small, I bought yarn to make another trying to adapt it to the way I did the Bea Ellis hat for my niece. My nephew's birthday is in September and I really want him to have it then for Talk Like a Pirate Day. He has had a tought time since his parents divorce and he will love this hat. My only other yarn purchase was a skein of Cascade 220 to go with 5 skeins in the stash to make a felted bag. So, I really didn't go too far off the Knit From Your Stash, most is to finish gifts. That's how I justify it, anyway.


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