Friday, December 22, 2006

Scarf and Mittens FO

My niece is now 18 and doesn't want sweaters anymore but I always want to make her a little something. So, the scarf and mittens were born. She was here at Thanksgiving with a purple ski jacket. So I dug through the stash to find an appropriate yarn with purple in it. The yarn was an old Ellen Coopper Yarn Sonnets 3ply Merino wool. It has to be over 5 years old because I bought it at a yarn shop that has been closed for over 5 years. The yarn was just gorgeous to touch and knit with. The pattern was the Multidirectional scarf pattern. The mittens are Cascade 220 and the mittens were out of a Patons book knit flat. Not my favorite way to knit mittens but I haven't done them that way before.


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