Saturday, December 09, 2006

Secret Santa Scarf

Here is my Secret Santa scarf which was for my old boss. Same yarn as in the last post but in a red colorway. I also include a clear glass flat ornament painted with a snowman with a red heart. She loved them and also mentioned she wanted me to teach her to knit some lunchtime. I said sure but it is funny cuz she is only in the office about once a month so I never see her.

A friend of mine had me and she thought of going to the LYS to get me yarn but figured I would want to pick out my own. She thought maybe a sweater with an Xmas scene and I was wearing a fleece cardigan with winter scenes on it so she was glad she didn't do that. She did get me a red leather Liz Claiborne notepad holder with pen. I love it. It is about 5 x 7 or so and I told her it would fit great it my knitting bag. She was thinking more about my using it for our meetings in NYC but I don't think I want to risk misplacing it there. It is something I would never buy myself, I usually just buy cheap ones at CVS or use freebies that we get at meetings.

I spent today at my favorite YS in Deep River, CT. I dropped off some Cardamom bread for the owner and co-worker for Xmas. My father likes to make it and they all love it as they got some last year, too. They were having a book sale so I picked up some books for me and for a grab bag gift.


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