Sunday, December 10, 2006

Lady Bug hats

My hairdresser is getting the pink/purple multidirectional scarf and these two Lady Bug hats are for her little girls. The pattern is from I had bought the kit years ago to make a hat for my niece. I then told my hairdresser this summer that I was going to make her girls Lady bug hats thinking of a Dale pattern that I had. I decided not to make that one and thought of this pattern. It was a fun knit but then I waited a while before embroidering on the black lady bug parts. My appointment is next weekend so I had to get them finished off.

Today I finished my niece's multidirectional scarf and I plan to make a pair of mittens for her. I bought the yarn yesterday and went through my patterns today. I found a Patons pattern that has you knit them flat and seam them. I haven't done a pair this way yet so I will do her pair flat.

I have tomorrow off for a Dr. appt so I plan to wind the wool up and get started.


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