Sunday, October 08, 2006

The Shepherd's Rug

Yesterday, Saturday, October 7th, I attended our October meeting of the Nutmeg Spinners Guild in CT. The meeting consisted of a workshop by Letty Klein and Ann Brown who have a book out called: The Shepherd's Rug. We spent 6 or so hours making braiding rugs with roving. We braided the rugs, they went to the laundrymat and felted them and then they came back and taught us to sew them up. We were making chair pads but I intended mine to be for my cat. I finished the felting today of another braid to make my other cat a rug, too. I have boxes and boxes of roving in the cellar so my mother said she would take a rug for the side of her bed. I should just about finish off 3 of my boxes with these rugs. That still leaves 3 more boxes of really nice fiber roving for me to spin. It was a fun day and just a little tiring from the standing and braiding to the sitting and sewing.


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