Sunday, October 29, 2006

Three Scarf FO's

These were all finished in the last few weeks. The red one in the middle is a Morehouse Farms scarf kit that I bought at last years Rhinebeck and I finished it on the train home from NYC the day before Rhinebeck. The one on the left is just like one in that small knitting magazine, Knit1, I think it is called. I changed the yarn and did a different amount of rows to get it to look like I wanted it to. The one on the right is from one of the latest Berocco books but I used Cascade 220 for it.

I am now working on the second Ladybug hat (pattern by Countrywool) that I am making for my hairdresser's two daughters. Then I plan to knit a hat for my nephew as well as start sewing together his afghan.

I also searched around the Dulaan website and have a pattern to use to knit up a hat for the Dulaan project. One of my LYS's is collecting the hats so I plan to drop one off.


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