Tuesday, February 25, 2003

Well, the baby blanket has been done for about 2 weeks now. I finished my niece's scarf last night. Have to take pictures of both to add to my webpage. Now, I am on to working on the afghan for my niece and a sweater for me. Slowly getting some old projects done so I can start some new items. Once as the afghan gets done, I will cast on the fronts of a sweater for my mother, the back is done. Then, I have 2 more scarfs on the needles and will work on them one night or so a week along with my sweater and my mothers. When those are done, I will either cast on for my nephews Bday (September) sweater or another sweater for me but probably his as it is one I made him a few hears ago and will be in different colors this time. I was at his fathers last week and he had it on, it is getting small and I asked if he wanted another and he said ok. When he got his Candide sweater this past birthday he asked where the hood was so this sweater has a hood and he likes it so he will get another. I am thinking Navy and Red as I have this chunky acrylic in the stash, his original was denim color. I bought a ton of this acrylic at a online yarn shop going out of business sale a few years ago and it knits up quickly (my niece got a sweater out of it also) and is easy for their father to wash. Plus, my sister used to give away their sweaters when they no longer fit and I didn't want the new owners to have to worry about washing them. My sister got told to watch out for his Candide sweater and to make sure she washes it. She is a knitter and prefers wool so I know she will take care of it, I just hope it doesn't end up at his fathers in the washer. So far, it has stayed at his mothers and is safe. The niece and nephew are getting older though and aren't growing that much, and I have been stashing up wool projects for them in the future.


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