Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

The Ten on Tuesday topic for 11/6 is 10 Things On Your Mind Right Now.

1) First is my wifi which keeps going out - the computer will lose connection while I'm on and then I'll check my Ipod touch and sometimes it still works and sometimes it doesn't. I will plug in the ethernet cord for the computer but also will reboot the router and modem when I'm done for the night and then the computer will connect without the ethernet cord. I have to make an appointment for the cable co to come as I also want to upgrade my cable and my as well have this fixed then too.
2) A dr's office is going to call to schedule an appt and I keep thinking of that.
3) Gauge - ripped out a sweater I'm making 3 times as gauge just lies to me.
4) New projects - planning, planning, planning.
5) Weather - a no'easter is coming.
6) Presents - trying to figure out what gifts to get for people for the holidays.
7) Babies - a co-workers daughter keeps going into premature labor and the baby needs to wait a few more weeks to make it's arrival.
8) Books - I'm reading a mystery and want to get back to it.
9) Knitting - want to finish my work knitting so I can finally make a scarf I want to wear my work knitting so it will get done.
10) Kitties - wondering what they are up to.


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