I actually like to eat Turkey but these were some wild visitors at work.  We have had as many as 12 -14 or as few as 1 lonely one walking around.
The Ten on Tuesday topic for 5/22 is 10 Things You Wish You Liked.  This would have been much harder if it was 10 things I wished I didn't like.
1)  Yogurt - never liked the taste but have been trying to add it to smoothies.
2)  Exercise - need to get doing this whether I like it or not.
3)  Cleaning - I tend to wait till I can't take it and then I will clean out a room or part of a room.
4)  The Heat - I like summer but anything humid and over 90 keeps me in air-conditioning.
5)  Games - I'm not into playing games and would rather just do puzzles.
6)  Car shopping - just bought a used CRV - didn't enjoy the process and wish I was better at just walking away.  I go into it with that plan but never can pull it off.
7)  Crochet - wish I could do more than simple crochet.  Every year I say it will be the year I learn.
8)  Sewing - I would love to be able to make nice linings for felted bags.  So far, mine have been very plain.
9)  Partys - I avoid family gatherings and other gatherings if I can.  I just don't like to be in large groups. 
10)  Cooking - I wish I was better at it and have been trying.