Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

The Ten on Tuesday topic for 9/13 is 10 Things You Buy Every Week. I'm thinking things you buy that aren't groceries, just to clarify.
Hmm, this one may be tough.  Since I was sick in July, it's been mostly grocery shopping as I have been on restricted eating till late August.  But, I will try to come up with a few.
1)  Magazines - usually need to buy one a week to have something to read.
2)  Books - With Borders going out of business, I have been going once a week and now have huge stacks of books to read through.  Not sure what I will do after they close this week.  I am not traveling to the closest B & N at all.
3)  Gas though this has mostly been every 2 weeks as I haven't been traveling that much lately.  Usually in the summer it is every week.
4)  Yarn - varies between every week and every 2 weeks.  I won't talk about the weekend yarn crawl with my sister, it contains at least 3 or 4 weeks worth of purchases.
5)  Groceries - due to the requirements I had most of the summer but they have eased now.
That's it.  I haven't been buying that much this summer.  I tend to stock up on the cat food and cat litter just so I don't have to buy it that frequently.  It seems like I should be shopping more but I can't remember anything else that I buy every week besides groceries.    I just recieved my portions of the tests I had done this summer so I will be spending the next month or two paying those off. 


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