Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

My Stripe Study Shawl which is now a lot larger and finished today.

The Ten on Tuesday topic for 9/6 is 10 Things You Want to Knit this Fall/Winter.
First are gifts:
1)  Three (maybe, at least 2) Knitting Pure and Simple Little Girl Shrugs for Xmas - One for each of my hairdresser's daughters.  If I am not completely burnt out on them, one more for a co-workers daughter.
2)  One baby sweater - plan to start that this week.
Now, for me:
3)  Socks - have a pair of Jelly Bean socks on the needled, but if they end up too small, they will be a gift.
4)  Different Lines Shawl - in lime green and brown Cascade Heritage Sock yarn.
5)  Reynolds Easy Knitter Cardigan out of some brown Brown Sheep Naturespun Sport.
6)  A hat for me - not sure what one or what yarn.
7)  A cardigan for me: so far I like Vitamin D (yarn is ready); Peasy (yarn is ready); Tall Flower Cardi (yarn is ready) or Common Ground (yarn in stash).  I just need to get the patterns and I would be ready to go.  There are a few more I like, just need to make up my mind.
8)  Mork - yarn is ready, pattern is bought.
9)  Something from one of the Woolgirl kits I have or some Loopy Ewe kits.  I have about 7 or so sitting around waiting and I just need to decide on one.
10)  A Knitspot pattern, either one I have or one from her new club.


At 2:02 AM, Blogger Lifesastitch said...

I think I probably have ten unfinished projects that need attention before I come up with ten more. Not that I couldn't :)


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