Saturday, April 07, 2007

Shopping and a Spinning Demo

A friend of my sisters has 5 Alpacas and wants me to show her all about spinning. We have exchanged a few emails and then today there was a spinning/knitting demo at the local Borders and she told me about it and we met up there.

The spinning section was by Chris of Woolybuns and she had some really cool bright Spunky Eclectic with her along with her own bunny blends. She went from fleece to yarn and it was very informative for my sister's friend.

Then there was a Knitter, Karen from Needles and Wool
who showed some of her knitting.

I ended up doing a little knitting shopping, the above books, plus the new knitters. One is a remance but it mentioned knitting and I sometimes want a little light knitting. The other is a small sized book which has how to fix knitting mistakes, etc. It will be good to have nearby and it looks like it will also be an entertaining read.
I have Monday off and my sister's friend will be visiting me to learn more about spinning.


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