Sunday, April 15, 2007

Dulaan 10,000


My five items are done. 4 hats and one scarf. I am going to try to add more to the box before I have to ship it.

I finished a scarf I was working on since 9/05 and will post a picture after I block it. I started another baby sweater for a bosses grandchild to be. She is retiring in June.

I plan to break my Knit from Your Stash for one day at my favorite shop as I got promoted this week. Out of the blue, so it was nice. I have been pondering my future and what I want to do. Even with the promotion, I am considering some sort of Legal Studies certificate in the next two years. I took a certificate course many years ago but it was through some fly by night (now out of business) night class thing that led to nothing.

I went to my local spinning guild this week and they had a presentation on dyeing which gave me some ideas to try once as the weather clears up. The northeaster that is hitting has made the brook in our back yard rise higher than I have seen it in a while. I also spun a little on the new wheel but I have a joint that now hurts. I think it may be the start of arthritis as my mother has it in the same spot.

Oh well, back to knitting and blog reading.


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