Thursday, May 29, 2003

The knitting is done on my nephews sweater. I have been sewing it up the last few days and hope to finish tomorrow. In the meantime, I started the Whitby Gansey by Claudia of Countrywool. I have to go dig through the stash tomorrow or this weekend and put away some yarn and dig out the yarn for my nieces birthday sweater. I really want to start an aran after my gansey is done and I am searching through my patterns to see what one I want to do next. Plus, I have to figure out what my Xmas gifts will be for friends next year. Last year was bath mitts and wash clothes in baskets with soap and hand cream. The year before was dressy scarfs.
I am not sure what this years will be, most likely scarfs. I have 8 little cousins that I make hats for every year and I already have them planned, just need to pick up a few more skeins the yarn I am using. I think this will be the last year as I just don't have the time to do them and most of them don't even come over to visit and I have to send them home with the grandparents.


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