Thursday, April 24, 2003

The buttons are on my mothers sweater. I didn't wash it yet, maybe this weekend. I did take it to my guild meeting last week but we were locked out of the church and ended up at the public library across the street in a small room. So, no sock knitting at all. The sleeves are done on the FCEK cover sweater. I am now on the front. I still don't think I will have enough so I am thinking of using one skein and then if I have to, to do the rest of the front in a stockinette with 2 different size needles to make it more open. I plan to wear it with a tank under it anyway. I did start a Bon Voyage tote from IK on Sunday and felted it today. Pictures of my mothers sweater and a few small items plus the tote will be added to my web page once as I add the handles to the tote after it dries.


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