Sunday, May 11, 2003

The cover sweater from FCEK is done. It ended up cropped and then the weight of the sleeves would drag the shoulders down. I ended up putting two braids across the back to hold the shoulders in place. The front and back of my nephew's sweater is done. I have put off the sleeves until I finish the KBTH Bair Isle vest that I started Thursday or so. I will have to remember not to start a fair isle after 10PM while watching a Yankees game. It is coming along and I am about 8 rows from added the steeks for the v-neck and sleeves. Pictures are up on my webpage for everthing but the Bon Voyage tote. I have to add the handles soon.

I found another fleece that I had washed part of so I am finishing up that today. It is a fleece from New Zealand, beautiful. Then, to finish washing the last two. Plus I have to put the two that are done through the drum carder. Hopefully, this week.


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