Sunday, May 04, 2003

The Bon Voyage tote is almost dry and I will be adding the leather handles this week. I finished the cover sweater from FCEK. I ended up making the front and back even and then adding about 3-4 inches width on each side up to the shoulder instead of the boat neck that the pattern called for. It makes a nice square neckline. It is very cropped and fell off the shoulders so I added two rows of braid across the back which holds the shoulds in place. I hope to get some bias tape this week to put inside around the perimeter of the neck to keep it from stretching out more. I plan to start a sweater for my nephew or a vest for me tonight or this week. I still haven't gotten to the pictures but I will this week.

I also combed a fleece that I had hanging in the cellar for over a year. It was the first time I washed one in the washing machine and I ended up felting a lot of it so that all got thrown out. I have another fleece washed in the cellar but I did that in dishpans by the lock so they came out fine and are next on the agenda. Then there is one more hanging down there to check out and two more to wash. I want to get them all done before MA Sheep and Wool, that is the goal anyway.


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