Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Ten on Tuesday

The Ten on Tuesday topic for 1/8 is 10 Goals for 2013.

1) Lose Weight - every year I say this but this year I have better plans.
2) Exercise more - I have an exercise bike and some DVD's and have to set up a schedule and stick to it.
3) Eat Healthier - I want to cut out a lot of processed food. I know for me I won't be able to cut it all out but I would like to cut out some.
4) Knit a few sweaters for me.  Start of Knitspot Caissa above.
5) Knit more socks this year - I am starting off with 2 mystery socks this month - Hazel Knits and Through the Loops
6) Clean out the closets - get rid of clothes and shoes that I don't wear or don't like.
7) Clean out some of the yarn and donate to our local senior home that has weavers and knitters.
8) Take better care of my skin. I want to get into a routine of daily/nightly day/night creams.
9) Paint my fingernails with color instead of clear all the time. My niece gave me a Sephera by OPI nail polish set with 16 small polishes and 1 sparkly gold top coat. I did them once with a color and it actually looked pretty good.
10) Make some career plans or look into other options for work that will fulfill me.


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Good plan


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