Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Ten on Tuesday

The Ten on Tuesday topic for 11/11 is 10 Collections You Have Had Over the Years.

1)  Precious Moments Figurines - I had a pretty good collection, they are all boxed up and put away now.
2)  Cat figurines - I had my grandmother's collection and a mirrored shadow box.  The cats are all boxed up somewhere and the shadowbox was sold I think in a tag sale.  I have some newer ones on a shelf in the den.
3)  Giraffes - I had all sorts of figurines, stuffed ones, etc.  Still have a few of them, kept my favorites.   I have a few little stuffed ones at work and a few pictures at work.
4)  Monkeys - used to have a lot of stuffed monkeys.  Still have my grandmother's stuffed monkey with a crocheted outfit on it plus one I made in a sewing class in middle school.  Only kept the ones I really liked.
5)  Ty Beanie Babies - had a lot of them as my Aunt in VT would also collect them.  I bought my first one just because it was cute at a gift shop before they become popular and cleaned out the collection a few years ago, only keeping my favorites, sheep, giraffes, a few others.
6)  Owls - this is a newer collection that is still growing.  I pick up ones that I think are cute.  Have wooden ones, stuffed ones, etc.
7)  Sheep - also newer collection with stuffed ones and pictures, etc.  I have one that bobbles sitting right by my computer that my niece gave me for Xmas last year.
8)  Musical or light up Xmas ornaments.  I used to put them on the tree every year, now they are all boxed up as our tree gets smaller ever year.  The only one that comes out every year is one of a knitted sweater that has lights on it and when you squeeze it, the lights blink for about a minute or so.  My cousin gave this to me years ago.  So cute.
9)  Bags - pocketbooks, luggage, Vera Bradley (wallets, bags, pens, anything she makes), at one time Kathy Van Zeeland but don't find them anymore. 
10)  Not really collections but I guess I could add my yarn and spinning stuff as it has been collected over many years.


At 12:54 PM, Blogger Linda said...

Love your list! I have tons of beanie babies.. Right now, many of them are stuffed in a drawer! The others are scattered around the house....

Linda in VA


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