1)  Put away all of my Woolgirl kits.  They are all still in their original packages and some have been sitting around for about 2 years.  I bought some report holders to file the information that comes with them and then plan to stash the yarn in one place so I can match them back up when I get around to knitting them.
2)  File away a bucket full of patterns weeding out ones I will never make.  Also have about 4 new binders plus the plastic sheets to help with this.
3)  Once as it arrives, set up my new computer and clean the desk it is going on.
4)  Finish my Spectra scarf/shawl- hoping to get it done before Camp Loopy starts later on this month.
5)  Finish Liesl - need to do the sleeves and then some more on the body to use up the yarn.
6)  Organize some books and donate the ones I will never read.  Need the bookshelf space for some knitting stuff.
7)  Start exercising - the bike is upstairs, the batteries to run it are in the house, just need to get it going.
8)  Make some Docter appt's - Dermatologist, Gastroenterlogist, Ear Nose Throat Doc (need to find one), Gyno (need to find a new one).  Need to get some issues checked out and can't put it off anymore.
9)  Buy a new bed - maybe a whole new bed, maybe just a mattress and box spring.
10)  Plant my flowers - this is my Memorial day plan every year.  I put flowers on the front porch.  I have a giraffe planter I bought at a tag sale and I love it and it gets to sit out by the door.  Lining the side of the small front porch are 3 diamond shape planters (they can be stacked one on the edges of the other two but the past few years I have just lined them up.  I haven't gone to MA Sheep and Wool the past few years and don't need anything this year so will probably do this on Saturday.