Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

The Ten on Tuesday topic for 2/21/2012 is 10 Tips for Writing a Great Letter.  I haven't written a letter in a long time except for quick notes in my Xmas cards.  Used to write to my Aunt years ago and had pen pals when I was in school.  Not sure I'll get to 10 though I will try.
1)  Pretty writing paper - love pretty paper.
2)  Fancy pens - don't have to be expensive, I've bought them from Ocean State Job Lot along with other shops.  Wherever I see pens.  Love the feel of holding a nice pen.
3)  A quiet room to write in.
4)  Practice paper - I sometimes would write a draft first before my final letter.
5)  Having something to say - I write much better when I have done something to write about.
6)  Music - less distracting to me than the TV.  I'm easily distracted by what's going on around me.
7)  I will be practising my skills soon though probably through email.  I spent some time today with a high school friend that I haven't seen in about 12 years.  We have said we will keep in touch and probably will through both email and written letters.


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