Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

The Ten on Tuesday topic for 11/29 is Ten Favorite Musicals.
I'm not sure if these are just movies or movies and plays but here goes.
1)  Grease - probably my favorite movie.
2)  Wicked - the play.  Saw it this summer, it was great.
3)  Rent - both the play and movie.  Saw the play years ago and I own the movie.
4)  Wizard of Oz - watched it again the last time it was on.
5)  Sound of Music - When my Aunt was alive and I visited her in VT, we always had to go visit the Trapp Family Lodge.
6)  Pirates of Penzance - saw it on Broadway when I was in middle or high school.  It starred Robby Benson, Treat Williams and Maureen McGovern.
7)  Fiddler on the Roof
8)  The Rocky Horror Picture Show
9)  Mamma Mia
10)  Peter Pan - saw the play with Cathy Rigby.
Bonus 11)  Dirty Dancing - though they don't really break out in song like the rest.


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