Saturday, September 06, 2003

I ripped out the IK sweater for my niece. Just wasn't going the way I wanted. So, I am now on my third different yarn/sweater for her. This one I am using a pattern (Design by Judith, I think) as the basis for the shape and I am adding the intarsia from the original (the first sweater I had started for her) to the back and some to the front. I think this one will work out fine and I have already ripped it once and played with the sizes some more. I tend to get gauge but then it tightens up when I actually knit it. I usually solve this by just going up a size and then it will fit fine or be a bit big but she is still growing so that isn't a problem. I ended up sending 10 mice to Wendy so they are now in her possession. I haven't touched the Whitby gansey but do plan to start it up again. It was too bulky in my lap when we had the hotter weather a few weeks ago.


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