Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Ten on Tuesday

The Ten on Tuesday topic for 1/20 is 10 Things You Are Happy About Right Now.

1)  Bought some healthy food yesterday and can't wait to try some new recipes.
2)  I'm about to cast on a sweater for me and can't wait.
3)  Reading - really enjoying reading again, have to reserve some more library books and also work my way through the stacks of books I have waiting at home.
4)  Knitting - enjoying working and then starting more cowls, shawls, etc.
5)  Exercise - started my strength training, hoping to do 2 this week as my legs really hurt after the squats but every week is a little better so I think I will be able to get to 2 this week.
6)  My hair - got my hair cut tonight and I like it.
7)  Took a day trip to RI on Saturday the 17th to the Slater Mill event in Pawtucket, RI.  Was a lot of fun.  Had a very unhappy time in the Providence Place parking garage (really nasty drivers in two cars that were screaming at us as we left because we weren't going fast enough for them around all the corners), didn't let it ruin our whole day but may never go to Providence again.
8)  Friends - have been having a lot of fun in the past few years hanging out with knitting/fiber friends.  I see many more happy times in the future.
9)  Kitties - the kitties are 6 but getting more cuddly as they get older. 
10)  Family - my niece as an adult is a lot of fun.  The years have flown by and she is now a married woman but lots of fun to chat with and hang out with.

Kriston - the Twisted Rib Neckwarmer is by Michelle Johnston - Looks like it's no longer in print unfortunately.   Any type of rib pattern should make a similar looking cowl.


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